1. nh

    I don’t know. She still looks pretty fucking skinny to me.

  2. burton

    why are you so fucking rude when it comes to this girl, so what she has cellulite, WOMEN have it, get over it, she is still ten thousand times hotter than someone youll ever fuck, seriously lay off her.

  3. BLAM!!!!!

    She really needs to dye her hair dark again. The blonde isn’t looking so good.

    That being said, she does look way better then she did a few months ago.

  4. Mary

    She was such a natural beauty! She needs to fix her hair and work out and get back to the Cooper days.

  5. sharty

    Im glad to see everyone enjoying the herb. Praise JAH!!!
    I wanna smoke one with her… that would be special.

  6. j/k

    nise butts

  7. cc

    She’s trying to lose herself in pot as means of forgetting that her career reached its zenith and then vanished in less than 2 years. So did her looks.

  8. Jen

    What a weird alien body she has.

  9. i loled

    hit that shit girl

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