1. What exactly do these chicks get out of posing for Terry Richardson? Other than drugged and raped I mean.

    And why is he considered a great photographer? How difficult is it to stretch up a bedsheet (which I’m certain isn’t jizz stained at all) in your apartment and snap some pictures?

  2. Little Tongue

    Are we really supposed to flap to that? Sad little titties on a cabbage patch kid’s face?. Come the fuck on!

  3. Oldnslo

    Prime example of “no matter how hot she is, some other guy is tired of her bullshit”.

    Can you imagine a grown woman being all f’d up on Bieber? Look no further. Software malfunction with this unit, gents.

  4. Motorboat Captain

    All of a sudden I’ve got a mighty hankering for pepperoni.

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