1. ThisWillHurt

    “So, tell us what you think of Obama’s Christian-hating, freedom-stomping agenda.”
    *lifts legs over her head*
    “I wanna smoke pot and throw my guns in the river! I love socialism! FUCK THE RICH!”

  2. I’d phcku her until she turned into a Republican.

  3. Why the hell is she on that show? Who cares? She’s fucking hot!

  4. crb

    Annd,… That’s where babies come from, Brian! -WHEEEEEEEE!!!

  5. Yoda Mann

    Actually a mermaid, that’s just one side tail flipper. In a shoe.

  6. LC

    I’m sorry, but where the hell is the video to this?? Need. Now.

  7. She must be really really unintelligent (stupid) to do that stupid stupid Fox show !!!!

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