1. Cock Dr

    It’s a crying shame if she’s not having sex with someone, anyone.

  2. tinafeystaintmole

    Seriously? Am I going to have to be the first one now? Ok fine….. DAT ASS

  3. rican

    Is that ass photoshopped? Because even if it isn’t, I would like to set up permanent residence in there.

  4. JJ

    Just think Bieber hit it. So sad.

  5. Indiana Jones

    Oh to ber her left calf

  6. What the hell do you mean “it’s 6pm”. I only started staring at this a few minutes after I started lunch and….oh dear.

  7. Sweet merciful Jesus.

  8. That is a butt made to be kissed. Often. By me.

  9. Cock Dr

    Those Aussies were fighting over who would get to put the tiger in her tank.

  10. In all truth my hand often gets in a fight with my penis over Miranda Kerr…oh look, there it goes again!

  11. Oh my…I’m not gay anymore. Geez.

  12. This photo is very acceptable. Her head is still weird though.

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