2. Josephus

    The movie may be called “Mademoiselle C,” but Miranda was actually premiering her own show, “Mademoiselle 34C.”

  3. SuperJ

    “Malfuntion”, my ass. I believe her wardrobe behaved in exactly the manner that the Universe intended.

  4. meh, she’s naked in 50% of her photo shoots anyway. much more exciting than this.

  5. Let’s make today “Mammary Day” in honor of all the wonderful things those lovely objects have given us.

    The Founding Fathers ™ would have wanted it that way…

  6. “Wardrobe Malfunction” in the sense that a lace doilie is a “wardrobe” and a carefully planned and executed breast exposure is a “malfunction”.

    Other than that, it’s totally legit.

  7. Who gives a fuck malfunction or not, Orlando sees then all time so should us?

  8. It’s never a bad thing when i get to see a beautiful pair of breasts.

  9. waynemoores

    Ah, and those nice big brown nipples just add to the hotness!!

  10. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    Her Wardrobe might be malfunctioning….

    (Puts on sunglasses)

    …My Boner isn’t.


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