1. djs

    she has cartoon nipples

  2. kimbo

    Those are some puffy fuckin’ nipples.

  3. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    I think it’s disgusting when pregnant owmen pose naked.

  4. bo

    I think I can see her nipple.

  5. E

    Her nipples look like they’re pulsating….

  6. those tits are great

    id suck the hell outta those… this pic made me hard… id still bang her brains out… shes hot as hell

  7. those tits are great

    didnt realize the post went through! my bad!

  8. SiliconBean

    ….her hips are going to break when she gives birth. She is too, too, too small. Ew.

  9. Jese H Christ

    I’d hit that, eat it do dirty things to it

  10. Gene

    Those nips have got squat to do with the pregnancy. Talk about mouth fillers! Yummy!

  11. Bill

    Got milk?

  12. typical male pig

    I’ve banged chicks fatter than this who weren’t pregnant. I’d tap that preggo ass for sure.

  13. I think she is beautiful in this picture. The photograph is simply stunning. I do realize that prego images like this are a bit…cliche nowadays, but I do love them all the same. =)

  14. Lauren

    I think pregnant women are beautiful. Especially her.

  15. Citylove

    It a beautiful picture ! I love it and I can’t wait to see their baby !

  16. Normal Male

    Gorgeous puffy nips. Would love to use them as all day suckers. Milk, it does a body good!

  17. Yes

    Dumb as fucks. I’m hoping the fact that you don’t like looking at pregnant women means you won’t actually impregnate one.

  18. Bianca

    Totally fucking amazing.

  19. apricot

    does anyone else feel a H.R. Giger vibe to this?

  20. Salvana

    She is SOOOO beautiful!!!

  21. just-this-guy

    She’s still stunningly beautiful pregnant. The only downside is I’m not the one who made her look that way

  22. Eva

    I like this site for its particular humour and usually don’t even check the comments to the pictures. This time I made an exception and must admit, that most of the men commenting here are really disgusting. The funny part is, I am sure that they are ugly fat Americans, which is causing their bitterness on the 1st place. I am sorry for you, really.

  23. ricor

    What a great way to ruin a beautiful woman. I mean sure, go have kids if you feel the need to breed, but it is not pretty folks….

  24. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    Those nips were build for a family of two or three!

  25. Boo

    Holy nipples!

  26. Lindsay

    I’m finding it difficult to comprehend the low IQ level most of you have. Firstly, why is it so bad that she poses nude when she HAS posed nude before? Some people think it’s beautiful, if you don’t, don’t fap to it.
    Second, anyone thinking she’s ‘fat’ in her pregnant state is clearly 12.
    And finally, her boobs won’t be ‘tore up’ as long as she takes care of them. And being a super model, if they look any bit deflated, she’ll probably just get small implants anyway. Problem solved.

  27. Armando

    she’s a few weeks away from super horny, Orlando, time to earn your paycheck

  28. AnonymousError

    Why be so mean and judgmental? If it so ugly why bother looking, let alone taking the time to comment? Just skip past it and move on! It seems like you all spend a lot of time talking crap about someone who “wasn’t that hot before”. I don’t get it.

  29. pappysmeary

    i love to poke her baby in the eye

  30. phil

    you are all jealous because you dont have a kid inside of you

  31. pappysmeary

    i dont want a kid inside me, i want to be a kid inside her!

  32. Sumitro

    She’s got that corn licking asshole us freeboaters love!

  33. Soviet Snow

    I’d take a hit off that milk tit.

  34. Willy Wonka

    Hmmm I’d like to hook up a car battery to those nipples!

  35. obstreperous

    If she was mine the doctor would have to pull my dick out and delatch me from those nipples before any babys coming out

  36. Spungehead

    Hmmm…..reminds me of Jessica Alba’s pregnancy hoots

  37. Preggo hating is one of the most telling signs of screeching, hysterical, ravenous, closeted hyper-gayness.

  38. GravyLeg

    She will be hot until about 12 months after delivery….
    Then the tits will sag and have zero firmness, the stretch marks will need laser, and the vag will NEVER be tight like a glove again….

    Sure it is beautiful… but it DOES ruin a woman forever….

  39. TB

    I think she looks beautiful! She is a tiny thing, wonder how much bigger her belly will get? If I looked that good pregnant I would take nude pictures too.

  40. titty sucker

    baby want milk!!

  41. rod


  42. Maggie

    Breastfeeding is wonderful and it helps when your nipples and big and puffy like hers. Yes, it is common to have some sagging, but sometimes breasts stay bigger after lots of lactation. Mine grew to DD and stayed about a D after nursing when I was a C cup prior to having a baby. It is god for the baby and can be highly erotic with the man as well. WE all don’t stay 22 and virginal forever. So love the more curvy body of woman who has given birth. That said – if pregnancy really messes up her body she can get all manner of plastic surgery and with airbrushing in her modeling career, her fans won’t notice

  43. I feel like I’ve been just trolled to death by the only known bible-thumping Literotica reject. I am carefully NOT posting this as a reply in order to avoid further streams of bullshitness. Christ.

  44. sweetface

    She’s not anorexic, she’s doing healthy exercise as seen on tv and magz, so please get a life when she’s still skinny!

  45. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha

    This obviously involved hours of photoshop treatment.

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