1. first biatches

    first biatches

  2. Zombie Kitty

    Saggy paps…. she didn’t have them before

  3. reformed_druid

    It’s not hard, if you eat so little during your pregnancy that the kid comes out the size of a small squirrel. Then completely ignore it while you obsessively exercise until you look like what you wish to look like. Most women choose to have healthy children and then take care of them.

    • kneejerk

      And they can fuck off.

    • RunnerGirl

      Not true. If pregnant women ate healthy calories instead of using it as an excuse to wolf down fast food and candy, they’d maintain a decent weight as well. And it helps to work out regularly before you even try to get pregnant. Jealousy isn’t productive.

  4. Uncle Rodney

    Tiger blood. Clearly.

  5. discord

    Not true, druid. Pregnant women only need about 300 extra calories during the pregnancy. The whole “eating for 2″ thing is a myth perpetrated by women who don’t want to put down the Haagen-Das

  6. Amanda

    She is a MODEL. It is literally her occupation to look good. When you have money, personal trainers and a dietician its much easier. Normal mothers don’t have that luxury.

    • Steph

      She looks great as always.
      I hope these type of pics don’t warp guys minds into having such great expectations about womens post pregger bodies.
      It’s not realistic to expect that “normal” women will bounce back to their orginal shape so soon after giving birth and it’s not healthy for them either.

  7. RunnerGirl

    I’m printing this and taping it to my refrigerator when I am pregnant. As a reminder that it CAN be done. Love her!

  8. Vee

    Actually the recommended weight gain while pregnant is 8-10kg max, and the average woman loses 6-8kg in delivery. Her baby was 4.5kg, so obviously she fed him and herself well and was healthy. You can’t create a 4.5kg monster without eating well. It’s a total myth that pregnancy ruins your body. If you’re healthy before, during and after, you can expect to weigh the same about 3m post birth as you did before it. Some women lose more weight because of breastfeeding. It’s true that some women just use it as an excuse to eat junk food. Some women were out of shape and unhealthy before pregnancy then blame their post preg bodies on their children when really it’s their own bad habits that make them fat. I think she looks great and is a wonderful example of a healthy balanced approach. Genetically she is born to be thin anyway. Good on her!

  9. jaime

    I get sick of seeing women complain about how it’s unfair that she can afford trainers and nannies. If you look at the nude picture she did whilst pregnant, the only weight she gained was the baby, the rest of her hardly changed.

  10. she was born thin, she is the skinniest of all the victoria secret models. and just to throw this out there, her stomach did not just come back to normal on its own, she exercised ate well and had surgery. every women in the world knows that after having a baby all the extra skin your stomach stretched does not come back, it hangs. her stomach streched a whole lot, she had a baby there. it is just not normal unless some kind of miracle makes it happen. and women can GAIN weight when pregnant EVEN if they exercise and eat well, they may even gain 30 pounds. this is a true fact and guys wouldn’t know because they only care about VAGINA. so don’t go and disrespected women for gaining weight and craving certain meals when pregnant. EVERY woman is different and any women can gain a certain amount of weight doesn’t matter if you exercise you maye still gain over 30 pounds. luckily for miranda she exercised while pregant, ate well and had a tummy tuck, there is no way in hell her stomach can look like THAT after months of child delivery. unless it’s photoshoped?

  11. and after 4 months??? come on give me break!

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