1. skuddles

    She has a poor seat (in the saddle) and stirrups are too short

  2. DP

    2 words….”RIDING LESSONS”……these pics are painful for any true equestrian! ARGH! Poor horse :((((

  3. Groku

    She’s holding the reins wrong as well.. among all the other things that are wrong with this picture.

  4. Lucifer

    This is painful to look at…you’d think with a movie budget they’d get her more than 2 riding lessons.

    Sit up, shoulders back, thumbs up, heels down, longer stirrups, leg on the girth, HANDS OFF THE POMMEL, irons on the ball of your feet…Hot damn even the saddle is sitting too low.

  5. sayitaintso

    That horsey might be needing a little prescription after she’s done with him.

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