1. burton

    why are her tits square???

    no sorry she isnt the sexiest woman alive, she look boring and photoshopped…my wife is way hottter and has a better as even after 2 kids…and my wife doesnt have small square tits.

    • Rumple Foreskin

      No, your wife has giant oblong water gourds for tits where she keeps her cigs and beer hidden.

  2. Name


  3. wawaweewa

    cute ass but no shape of hips. meh

  4. Jessica

    And now SHE has herpes too woo hoo! The girl is an idiot…

  5. Jessica

    And now SHE has herpes too! Woo hoo.. This girl is an idiot..

  6. Leon

    Agreed, that booty IS the sexiest woman alive!

  7. Mel

    I think she’s cute, but sexiest girl alive, hmmm… Is it me, or does something look different about her leg in this pic?? Just saying!!!

  8. weeble

    woooooah. back up a minute.

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