1. It had to be said

    Diaper’s full.

  2. M

    I see a butt pad.

  3. MmmmHmmm.Sure.

    LOL! She IS wearing a butt pad. Never, ever, EVER will I be so vain. LOL! Jesus H. Christ. I can’t believe how fucking stupid celebrity women make REAL women look. This place makes me love me even more than I already did. :)

  4. Jacki

    Really, You could see the outline for crying out loud. Aren’t those things suppose to be inconspicuous. Looks like Jeter didn’t tap Minka for her ass.

  5. KIIMI


  6. stacey

    ewww who wears a butt pad!! She is cute but after all the surgery anyone can look cute.. Nice butt pad Minka!!!

  7. rantatonne

    I am not trolling, but what butt pad? All i see is fabric causing creases and bunches in places real, non-comic-book/manga/anime, fabric does.

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