1. Elle

    First of all…the movie looks stupid, secondly, why cast two girls who could pass as each other..that IS confusing.

  2. matt

    I’m still confused, who’s who? Anyway, id do em both at the same time, any time…

  3. Lena

    It’s like when you dress twins in different colored shirts to tell them apart….please tell me some one’s man juice strayed and they’re related. Oh please please please.

  4. Intifada

    If you had masturbated with photos of both of them, you’d be able to tell the difference. They really don’t look much like each other.

  5. Jade

    You guys must be blind. The left one (minka) is so much prettier than walking forehead Leighton.

  6. yay

    I find Leighton prettier

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