1. Dick Nose

    I hope she does a porno soon, cause that bitch is smokin !

  2. anonymous

    Wait….you bang JB and that makes you a “Reality Star”? WTF?

    • Ana

      Apparently she is currently filming for the next season of Bad Girls Club, so I guess she is in the process of becoming a reality star? If you can call the girls on that show “stars”

  3. dennis

    It’s like a Fringe universe where Gabrielle Union is broke ass and will fuck for alcohol and French fries.

  4. Ok, so Justin IS gay?! That’s why he banged a tranny? Or is that he’s trying so hard to be black that he’s gone the Eddie Murphy route?

  5. john

    body is fine, face is manly

  6. Hey, that’s a bathroom in the Venetian Hotel in Vegas. Yeah, that’s all I care to notice.

  7. AteIsEnough

    Deeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk!!!!!! Fugly as hell!!

  8. I don’t think raw dogging it in the ass and then pulling out for a facial will improve the looks on this one.

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