1. TAB

    You think she would’ve at least hung-up or put the phone down once she saw the cop?! I guess she was too busy being Hannah Montana!?!

  2. Dave

    1. She’s in a Mercedes that has bluetooth. Use it.
    2. Is that Liam the ex in the last pic? I think that might be the real story here. That, of this photo is not from yesterday.

  3. Mai-Tai

    Exactly Dave! I use my bluetooth every day. What a d**che!!!

  4. bobby

    LOL… I have the sam ML and it comes STANDARD with bluetooth…

  5. jenner

    she’s a real doll, though

  6. Blowme

    I call bullshit on that. LAPD will NOT give tickets for cellphone use. I’ve asked. Official answer: “There’s not enough money in it”.

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