1. P. Kerr

    Pigtail chick won’t walk for a week.

  2. ThewUpInMyMouth

    “If you can’t take three, don’t dance for me!”

  3. K-tron

    That’s assault, brutha.

  4. Wow. She’s deep in there. If a man did that, he’s be arrested and his career/life ruined.

  5. “I knew I left my phone in someone’s rectum, now hold still while I send a text.”

  6. Fancy Face

    Do the dancers get hazard pay for this?

  7. JC

    Two in the stink?… No. Two in the pink?… Fuck it, I’ll jam my whole hand up and see what happens.

  8. hahahah

    Eeeeew, she is a fucking gross dyke!

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