1. Damn, Vivid has really upped the budget on these Axel Braun parodies.

    Wait… WHAT?

  2. She’s like a sad proctology poster.

  3. K-tron

    When your cat looks like this, it means it’s time to get her spayed.

  4. Harsky & Starch

    If you can’t make the thong “disappear”,YOU need to disappear. I’ve seen straight lines with more curves.

  5. Next stop, Max Hardcore movies. She certainly looks the part.

  6. I clicked through these photos wondering why am I not understanding. Is she doing this because she has no talent therefore must do this tongue/ass thing to disgust people so they have to talk about her to let it out? And then I found my answer here, she is borderline retarded. I am serious. And her parents and the industry have exploited her. I thought there were laws about this? Crying shame.

  7. blechh

    she looks like justin bieber

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