1. Cow GTI

    - You have an STD?
    - Yes. You?
    - Yeah!
    - It’s OK. My math teacher told me two STDs cancel each other out. Will be fine!

  2. “I Kissed a (Flat-Chested Tragicomically Whorish Blip on the Pop Culture Radar of Average Physical Attractiveness At Best with the Ass of a 12 Year Old Boy [I Know Because I Used to Be One]) Girl”

  3. Ok dial it back already, even Madonna paced herself a little bit. You’ve already managed to get the headlines you wanted you capitalistic, attention whoring, marginally talented bimbo.

    • You’re being far too kind with the ‘marginally’. This twat has no talent whatsoever beyond sticking her ugly tongue out. I wish she’d come to Canada and take a dare to lick a steel pole in winter. LOVE to see that!!

  4. Swearin

    Sadly, John Mayer could totally get a three-way with them, if he wanted to.

  5. Christine

    I wish I could fast forward 15 years to see when he will inevitably act like Gary Busey and look like Macauly Culkin

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