1. Tittays look a lil too weirdly pointy. Sorry but even puffy nipples don’t leave such a wide area standing out. I think she could be wearing a balconette bra or something? Or got some silicone

  2. bassackwards

    Just the latest “star” to prove that she is really trash….

  3. come on! she’s a young lady who never had a childhood! give her a break and let her just enjoy life!

  4. Carl

    Bras are so 2000′s.Aany form of underwear is I guess. I’m ok with that.

  5. CK

    Chipmunk face, chipmunk tits.
    (yeah, I went there.)

  6. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    What’s Charlie Sheen doing there?

  7. Codot

    I’m not seeing a downside here… if anything I see two upsides!


    why can’t people be happy that boobs are being portrayed in a non-sexualized way for once? that being said, it wasn’t exactly a prudent decision given that the culture we live in displays a tremendous discomfort towards the appearance of natural human bodies….

  9. Nigel

    VO: Miley, your new movie LOL did worse in the nation than Avengers did per screen. What are you gonna do next?
    Miley: I’m going to Disneyland!

  10. Tombo

    If I’m turned on by this does it mean I wanna do her or Sandy from Spongebob…

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