1. Cock Dr

    It certainly makes a person wanna rush out and buy her latest musical offering ASAP…and to get that carving pumpkin for the kidz.

  2. Nope. No daddy issues here.

  3. Judygarland

    Dat tongue…vomit

  4. Kyle From Delaware

    she isnt attractive, maybe if WE ALL STOP GIVING IT ATTENTION, it will go back in its hole?
    seriuusly people, this is a monster that we created, the only way to destroy it is to stop feeding it attention.
    sersiously im trying to look at celebrity babe bikini pics, and her androgynous ass self is killing my boner.

  5. How attractive.
    And grown up.
    And independent.

  6. ph

    stop going to sites with her pic….like this one.

  7. Wonder how much I could get for a photo without her tongue out? That’s got to be worth a fortune!

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