1. anonymous

    Pedobear has finally met his match.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Gimme summa that big ol’ pink dick!”
    “I’m 8 years old.”
    “Don’t make me take it now!”

  3. JC

    “When ah was a little gurl, mah daddy used to get dolled up just like you when he snuck into mah bedroom at night fer ‘daddy-daughter fun time.’”

  4. suckaMC

    Alfred meet Bear.

  5. CtF

    Given that her upper-lip looks like that of a horse, she must’ve confused that bear for a pink salt-lick.

  6. Mascots and costume characters creep me out, because I can’t ever not picture the person inside acting like a complete jackass. The only one I’ve ever come near was Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland in Japan, because knowing there is a tiny Japanese girl inside kind of zaps all the creepy out of it.

    This is the first time I’ve ever felt creeped out for the person *in* the suit.

  7. This is exactly why she was kicked out of Disney.

  8. Ms Swan

    Bath Salts…

  9. thecrazybetty

    MK Ultra.

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