1. Dave

    The girl’s got a face like a frying pan but seriously gorgeous legs.

  2. tlmck

    Not a single butt shot.

  3. JC

    High heels and jorts: For the sophisticated hillbilly out on the town.

  4. EricLr

    Well, off to my day job as an androgynous elven hooker!

  5. At least she is NOT wearing those damn combat boots.
    I want her bad; I am a very sick man

  6. lily

    wow…i cant stand this brat, but damn her body is on point. amazing legs

  7. ksmack

    Those heels are…hideous. Millions of dollars, and you pick THESE shoes. Loving the rest of the outfit otherwise.

  8. some black guy

    She is so fucking sexy. those legs are amazing. she is a very sexy girl. I really hope she nevers alters her face because everyone calls her ugly. its the unique flaws that make perfect for me. like kiera knightlys under bite ect. I want someone i can see the flaws in so I get home and she still looks the same

  9. If there is a god, this proves that he’s an asshole. Why stick a body like this on a personality like hers?

  10. doritojoe

    Pradas @ $850 a pair at Barneys.

  11. 1. Fap
    2. Feel guilty
    3. Repeat

  12. WotWot

    When did I start fucking loving her?

  13. Bebe

    She will be a boyman soon

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