1. You, I and her father would, and if you say otherwise then youse just a dang ol’, honest to god, homersectual.

  2. “C’mon dog! I used Jiff this time, not that cheap stuff from Walmart”

  3. little turtle head

    look at that ass!!! mylie’s doesn’t look bad either…

  4. The Royal Penis

    I have to say that ass doesn’t look attractive at all. It’s a preview of what’s to come 15 years from now….I don’t envy the soon to be hubby.

    She’s better off prancing around without a bra than bending over in funny fitting jean shorts that make her ass start to look big.

  5. Throjo

    “Why buy the milk when you can fuck the cow for free, amirite?”- Billy Ray Cyrus

  6. AteIsEnough

    When did she start wearing diapers, again?

  7. Hark!

    2 dogs 4 paws

  8. Lemmiwinks

    Good idea, Miley. Giving your dog a tug-job is a great way to learn how to please a man.

  9. eatme

    …now THAT is an ass!!!!
    Miley looks ok too.

  10. Poopsquat

    She HAS to know that the photogs are getting this shot right here??

  11. yowillie

    Spank and eat.

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