1. So much hate but I love women with long legs.At least she’s waering panties, such class.

  2. Weird to know we live in a place where both Amanda Bynes and parallel universe Amanda Bynes are both coexisting peacefully.

  3. Skippy86

    Man shes fugly

  4. Guy

    She has better legs than I realized – but you still have to try really, really hard to overlook that face.

    She probably doesnt even realize that MJ retired before she was even born. Yet another fail.

  5. “She has better legs than I realized”

    Did you only recently gain eyesight? She’s always had fantastic legs, easily among the best in hollywood. Just too bad those legs are attached to that head.

  6. so i see aaron carter is back on the meth. beat yack not shaq, kiddo. you got this.

  7. cc

    I’ll join in the chorus…damn those legs look good.

  8. MH

    Ah, so her parents are getting a divorce then.

  9. anonym

    those legs look juicy.

    I’m craving some chicken legs now.

  10. richie


  11. anonymous

    Bitch wouldn’t know who Jordan was if he pulled down his Hanes and stuck the d in her ass.

    She just think he was a rapper.

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