1. Wheel me in

    Handicap parking, hand. Hand, diamond, handicap parking. Hand. Hand hand hand. Handicap parking hand diamond.
    These fucking whore is puzzling. What the fuck is she trying to tell us?

  2. Juggs

    You gotta hand it to her she knows how to slap her name around the internet.

  3. K-Tron

    Yeah, right. That shit is from a coin-operated machine. If it’s real, then she don’t know what them real farncy dahmind rangs look lahk.

  4. Lita

    Aaaaaaw, that 25 cent ring fits right in with her trailer trash image.

  5. Gerard litoe

    Those are the moldiest disease looking fingernails I’ve ever had the displeasure of looking at.

    • Marita

      i think it is a good video yet it is not as random as Lady GaGa’s. It is about time she does shtemoing new, she has been on Hannah Montana since the age of 13 so it is time for her to move away. She is trying to escape the DIsney girl. She understands that she has girls who are in love with her but she is trying to get a new audience and also the damage has already been done to the little children by Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and whenever they turn on MTV. It is not like Disney Channel will be showing it so I don’t see any problem with this video. She is just expressing herself and trying a new look so there is no need to complain. She is not the only one who is doing trashy things look at the latest video’s by Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Beyonce so she is just doing what everything who is popular is doing and there is nothing wrong with that if everyone else is doing it.

  6. tom

    Chubby ugly fingers.

  7. SimoneDeB

    Can’t wait to what the wedding cake will look like.

  8. Dashwood

    Yeehaw! I done got myself a man ya’ll! And Daddy thought I was gonna die an old maid cause I ain’t been married yet.

  9. Fixed.

  10. nadine

    cutest ring ever

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