1. vgirl

    Miley, stop wearing your mom’s jeans.

  2. spartacus

    Purchased at the local Wall*Mart or whatever food/clothing/homewares/toys/hardware combined store you have over there.

  3. Spider

    The Kmart ‘Country Ho’ spring collection is out early.

  4. stacy

    I remember years ago a girlfreind would wear jeans with no underwear if she was going to be walking alot. The seam rubbed up against her clit as she walked so she came several times just walking aroound the park.

  5. Cutoff Levis from the swap meet! You are taking this redneck thing to the next level! Christ!

  6. rock2019

    Looks like just another white trailer trash girl from the south.. See ya in

  7. Norm

    She couild wear a potato sack and still look good

  8. ashley

    ppl need to stop being so mean i think she looks hot in it so shut up and leave her alone!!! she’s living her life live yours!!!

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