1. Miley who????????

  2. Double D

    You could almost hear Billy Ray popping an achy-breaky boner.

  3. cc

    She deserves a spanking for going around dressed like that…and I am just the guy to do it.

  4. Cardinal Fang

    MMMM. She can catch my electric eel in the breast net of hers.

  5. Ned

    I hate her so bad. I really, really don’t want to like her, but she gives me a boner every time.

  6. Ha

    Ha she fixed her chipmunk teeth finally!!!

  7. Big foot bunny

    Ah, Chia breasts.

  8. griff

    She’s beautiful…with makeup. Without she looks like a horse. But I’d still rail her. She legal?

  9. darrel

    ou i wanna nail those breastssss

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