1. anonymous

    Somewhere out there Billy Ray just shot his television in jealousy. That’s Daddy’s special move.

  2. Miley probably should have checked out some of her dance moves in a mirror before deciding on the vinyl booty shorts. With her biscuit dough level muscle tone, those shorts are going all play-doh fun factory on her ass.

  3. Oh she´s SO so EDGY! She thought she´d be a good substitute for Emily Ratajkowski, seriously?? Has she even seen the original unrated video??

    She´s squished herself into a pair of latex hot shorts that are 3 sizes too small, so her doughy ass and back ooze out all over the place, she´s wearing stupid little pigtails in her *short* hair that look rediculous and a she´s also sporting a pair of frankenstein shoes..then to complete the look of utter sluttiness and ultra cheapness, she is groping his penis and her tounge is flapping about like the freakin feelers on a snail….
    She forgot to gag on the mike, I´m literaly surprised she didnt slip it into her esophagus just to show us all that she can deepthroat.

    Um…yes, we get the message Miley.You are no longer Hannah montana, you arent racist, you arent homophobic, you´re super liberal and edgy and you LOVE sex.Yes, we get it.Can you please die now??
    Changing the subject..I sure hope he got a shot afterwards.

  4. Napoleon Bonaparte

    This is like the ‘rape joke’ of shitty pop music.

  5. He looks a little confused as to exactly what is represented here. As am I.

  6. thecrazybetty

    she does not have a cute figure. she needs to get dressed.

  7. zorro

    I think she was sniffing some “blurred lines” before the show. How proud her family must be…

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