1. Yep, super-hot. Be still, my raging phallus.

  2. Batu Khan

    My God! Just realized why she’s doing the tongue thing. It’s not to be sexy. It’s her signature gesture like a ‘peace’ sign. And did anyone notice how she shed that Mickey Mouse dress. Like shedding her Disney image. Subtle…

  3. Miley is pretty hot. I begrudgingly admit that. I would never watch this shit myself, if I could remove MTV, VH1 and BET from my cable package I would, but my family was watching the VMAs in the other room last night and I could hear Miley’s performance.

    It was awful. She can’t sing. What she does is talk with melody. So singing damn sure isn’t her talent. I’m guessing that tongue thing is it.

  4. cc

    If she did that to me I’d spend the next 24 hours packing my dick in ice.

  5. Margaret

    I’d fuck it. I wouldn’t want to hear it say anything but I’d fuck it all to pieces.


    robin thicke wife must have been super happy about this

    • dennis

      Just saw Robin’s wife naked in 2 Guns.

      She doesn’t have anything to worry about. Unless Robin’s into girls who look like Justin Bieber in drag.

  7. Jenn

    When I look at this, all I see is Beiber in drag rubbing his ass on Alan Thicke. Make it stop!

  8. Somewhere Amanda Bynes is excited that her new roommate might bring crack and bath salts…

  9. Gordon

    I bet he’s dealing with some growing pains.

    I apologize.

  10. PunkA

    Her face is ugly. She looks like a rabid chipmunk. I even think she is frothing at the mouth as a result of the rabies. Not attractive at all. And her hair is just–I mean, she is no Gewn Stefani, ok?

  11. thecrazybetty

    her teef are too big for her mouth. and that tongue is repulsive. nothing lady like at all about this stupid little girl..


    *Clears throat nervously while trying to think of baseball*

  13. dot

    Thicke missed his opportunity for the perfect fish hook

  14. zorro

    There’s that stupid ass tongue again, and horns on her stupid ass head. Cocaine is a beautiful thing.

  15. anonymous

    Yep. She sticks out her tongue in photos because smiling embarrasses her.

    Doing this crap is she’s fine with but smiling makes her blush.

  16. Her complete understanding of “sexy” is act like a dog in heat. Next she’ll sit on the stage and start scooting.

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