1. Cock Dr

    Hail Satan….for he comes in many guises.

  2. dave

    Why is her tongue grey?

  3. Thats the same look she does when she is at the family reunions.

  4. Looks like Grimace sprung for the all access backstage passes this year.

  5. amir

    The new satanic princess, bow down slaves.

  6. Jentilly

    Run Liam, run as fast as you can!!

  7. weansie

    pretty sure liam must have gone by now.
    man, she is GROSS

  8. thecrazybetty

    what a vile creature. she looks like satan.

  9. zorro

    There’s a keeper to show her kids in the future, that is if she has a future. She’s heading down the road of now return. Good luck skank.

  10. It was more sexually appealing watching Ozzy Osbourne bite the head off a live bat.

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