1. cc

    Squats and strides, Miley, squats and strides.

  2. Robb7

    Looks like an ass of an 80 year old

  3. Cock Dr

    We’ve located the tragic remains of Miley’s adolescent muffintop.

  4. Dox

    The Paris Hilton Second stringer stains are never coming out of that….
    (I think I have finally found a joke that only I will get.)

  5. That is the worst ass on the planet.

  6. mr sparky

    Fucking revolting. Put that shit away, you filthy trollop

  7. Phoenix

    Mmm…ground beef.

  8. mx3

    its a shame that she looks so thin and fit from the front and she has such a bad ass. i was under the impression she had a trainer and stuff

  9. She’s a badass. Literally.

  10. I like everything I see here. Everything.

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