1. Derrrrrrp.
    (P.S. You’re still not sexy, ya goddamn hillbilly!)

  2. Phoenix

    “This ain’t mah brand.”

  3. She’s gorgeous and has fantastic legs. also yaaaaay marijuana.

  4. Interred Ferguson

    She’s clearly days away from a crewcut and baseball bat.

  5. Steve

    I agree with everyone else…she’s NOT attractive. Look at those beever teeth! She and her sisters look like WV inbreds!

  6. momo

    the peacock family

  7. Juano

    Sorry, not very attractive. For someone who performs so much and has so much time on her hands, she is in pretty lousy shape. She looks like a girl who doesn’t eat much, doesn’t do very much physical activity and sits around thinking about how cool and mature she is.

    Can’t sing either, so I am amazed at how stupid her fans…I mean, how much her album sales have been.

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