1. ThisWillHurt

    In every photo like this, there’s a black guy severely embarrassed for white people.

  2. Roundhouse Kick

    I’m having a hard time understanding what I’m seeing here. That flesh coloured thing hanging out the side, is that one of her labia, or is it just her stockings? Then again, is that her slit on the right, or just an unfortunate crease in her thigh skin?

    • It’s more like a vagina muffin top. It’s not yet all the way in between the lips; but it’s in just the right spot, causing them to look more puffy and swollen that usual.

  3. Dr Plaid

    She must be wearing some kind of pantyhose that go up to her tits, because I can’t see the top of them, but that is definitely the crotch pad coming out on the side. Her backup singer/dancer has it on also. Miley can only pull this off because she seems to have one of those micro-labia model vaginas where everything is self contained in the vulva. Nothing extra hanging out there.

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