1. lily

    that face is hideous

  2. Joe Mahma


  3. MrG

    She is so much beyond a butterface. She’s like a holy-fucking-shitter face…

  4. So, this make up was put on by one of those men/women who hates women. Right? Amirite? Oh, and Miley… fuck off, bitch. OK? Just fuck. off.

  5. Neal

    If she pulls those pants any tighter she’s going end up with an Achy Breaky Clit

  6. She is so fucking ugly.

  7. Buggy

    Why? Still doesn’t have enough fame? Doesn’t have fame? She looks ugly this way — for real

  8. Some Reader

    All butt, no boobs, pancake face.. meh!

  9. auto wedgy??

  10. Jimmy

    They always do a good job of hiding her cankles.

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