1. Mark

    Ironically, the younger one (who doesn’t need it) is wearing a bra, and the older one (who barely needs it) is not wearing a bra.

    You stay classy Appalachia!

  2. Juliana

    Oh, good god! The little one is exactly the same!! Same nose, same stupid duck lips!! Shoot her!! SHOOT HER NOW!!!!!

  3. LD

    For some reason the movie”The Hills Have Eyes” popped into my head but not for the obvious reason. I think they need to change the filter on that gene pool.

    I don’t know what is worse, Miley not wearing underwear or her 10 year old sister showing hers. They knew they were going to be photographed.

  4. Roxi

    they all are UGLY!!!!!!!!

  5. hahaha

    i’d still tap it

  6. GNDtn

    They’ve both got those effed up teeth but Noah doesn’t have her sister’s double chin.

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