1. Is almost sad how Disney explotes these children without any concern to train or improve their craft… Britney Spears, Cyrus, Lohan, the two kids in Suite Life, the 3 kids in Wizards of Weberly Place… they are all told they are stars but the only thing keeping them on TV is the Disney Brand.

  2. Vinny Paz

    “I just think the fact is funny/ that they’ll take a little girl and pimp her for the cash & money/ And what’s gonna become of ‘em in like 50 years/ when Hannah Montana turnin’ into Britney Spears…”

    -Jedi Mind Tricks, Trail of Lies

  3. Gabriel

    so damn hot!!

  4. monkeyshines

    She looks like a fine citizen and a class act. With buck teeth, doughy legs, weird shoes and underage boobs.

  5. wysiwyg4

    Miley! You are the most beautiful and the smartest with the sexiest voice that show business has ever seen, ever. However, don’t try to hide your beauty, your smartness and your sexiest voice behind the clothes that you wear sometimes. That’s what the world sees. They don’t see how beautiful you are, how smart you are and how funny you are. Bring out your beauty and your smarts out in the open. We love ya!

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