1. Jesus. Is Gwen Stefani more easily measured in inches than feet?

    • Ok, so whoever has the 5 vote button is into No Doubt. This we now know.

    • Kojak

      Gwen isn’t short, but her band-mates are, and because of that, many people think she is 5’10…
      Gwen is 5’7″, and she usually don’t use high heels.
      The retard young woman in her side is taller than you think, she is 5’5″, and she is certainly using really high heels, because she is a huge enthusiast of the “street whore style”…

  2. Cock Dr

    Gwen will always be > Pumpkinhead ScribbleTorso

  3. Stupid

    At least Gwen doesn’t have any trashy tattoos.

  4. Gwen, in her 40′s looks hotter, healthier, and more stylish than Miley at any age.

  5. Sandoucheky

    Fucking A this is a great comparison photo. Gwen Stefani gets perfect scores across the board in life, she became famous by touring her ass off in vans when she was Miley’s age, etc. Gwen all fucking day long

  6. Alpha Female

    I want to see them have sex with each other.

  7. InkyBlack

    So no nobody else saw Miley’s nipple then?

  8. Alexggb

    They look like they hate each other. Awkward smiles.

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