1. JuggNuttz

    ive seen worse tats…..

  2. Koochie-koochie

    Who cares, just hurry to 18, get naked and make a sex tape like all the other whores in Hollyweird!

    Charlie Sheen

  3. Toopier

    She is a fug butterface with a normal teenage body. she will never be better looking than she is today, so she might as well use it up now.

  4. I think she does not deserve all the attention she gets from the world..shes so fuckin overrated ! no one cares if she gotz her nipple or her forhead pierced or tattoed or burned or whatsoever !
    she looks like every other girl this age, aint no fuckin difference. shes not beautiful or overhelming pretty, but shes not ugly either.
    disney girls are all the same kind.

  5. r4ds

    @emily-rose : Agree with you wholeheartedly. REALLY overrated…. If he dad wasn’t who he is, she would never have had any chance in hell. She’s average looking (at her best) and can’t act worth a darn… Not knocking her per se, but she’s doing some funky things – maybe just for the attention – when she’s so lucky to even be where she is.
    r4 ds

  6. brittany

    I love miley cyrus. She isn’t any worse then other teenagers. Must teenagers now have tatoos and at least it isnt all noticable and big. And i dont think it’s for attention. If you think that then i guess you think everyone that has one does it for attention. And it’s not just her dad who makes her famous. she has a good voice. and you know she started off in Barney so obviosly she had some talent or she wouldn’t have her own show.

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