1. joho777

    Girl is really plain. It;s amazing what makeup can do, isn;t it?

  2. Bobby

    Really like the direction this mildly talented starlet is taking. good to know she always has Britney to give her some pointers.

    I’m not a betting man but what are the odds she has a penis in her mouth right now?

  3. Upskirt

    Ok so when are you going to publish the famous Perez Hilton Miley Cyrus upskirt pics??

  4. qwerty

    You mean “word”?

  5. Mike Iksard

    Man I cant believe I’m gonna post something half serious on this, but as a Dad, with a daughter who loves this artist. Come on Billy. Reign her in just a little. My six year old is no longer allowed to see media that Miley is involved with past the Hanna stage due to it’s sexual slant. A little advice on the look, the tat’s and the content may be appropriate parenting here. Besides Im racked with guilt every time I chub up. Hey Everybody has bad days …right?

  6. earlobe?

    what exactly do you think an earlobe is? I’m not expecting you to say antihelix or scapha or anything, but why be specific and wrong when you can be vague and correct?

  7. wanchoppe

    This chic isn’t actually bad, you can work with her she’s like clay ready to be molded. I feel sorry for the guy that marries her though cause they’ll have to put up with Billy Ray Cyrus… Ache Ache breaky heart….

  8. Mz. M3l

    yea its fake but stil SHES 18 GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!!! SHES AN ADULT!!!!! so what wen shes like 25 and gets a tattoo your gunna be like HMM WATS NEXT NO shut the fuck up!! im gettin tired of everyone being like omg shes to young!! wa wa shes an adult.

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