1. lovsin

    giver one for the deaner miley

  2. Lanie

    Hello, it’s called dancing! If she wanted to kiss a girl i doubt it would be in the middle of a performance. People are just ignorant.

  3. Fayers

    If anyone stopped to actually look at the picture for a moment, you could see Miley’s eyes and that her mouth is down by home girl’s boobs.

  4. Wiley

    Don’t gays get insulted when straights pretend to be gay? Are all you gays going to love Miley now?

  5. PLR Ebooks

    My daughter always loved Miley Cyrus..Well,That’s the life of being a celebrity. You get accused of the things you didn’t even do .

    • fuckyou

      Why the flying fuck would you pretend to kiss a girl if you didn’t want to get accused of it and stir up controversy.

      Why the fuck let your kid watch this redneck bimbo, anyway? Hope she grows up to be just as responsible for her own actions as Miley Whorebag Cyrus is.

    • Moira

      While I wouldn’t go as far as a “f you” I do find it INSANE that you would let your very impressionable daughter to watch her performances!! Disney chanel is different, on her show she’s tamed. Put her on stage and it’s like watching a stripper have at it (pole dancing in skanky barely there outfits) Shoot, the girl can’t even sing in the first place. Have you even listened to the words of her most recent song? She’s proud of being a spoiled brat and loves doing what she wants despite what it does to her image. Oh, and the music video…hmm…mock orgy..SCREAMS child appropriate right!?…..I’d suggest you let your kid watch Dora the Explorer, it’s aloooot safer and won’t warp your daughters future self image.

  6. Katie

    No kissing, just motorboating.

    • Annoymous.

      Yeah can i just say.. really look at the picture hard at where all mileys hair is.. you can see her eyes and mouth.. which are no where near this girl’s mouth… there near her tits.
      So theres no kissing, she might be pretending to bite this girls tits or even be motorboating her but shes NOT KISSING

  7. UR MOM


  8. why does she do that everytime she sings cant be tamed???? like why is it SO important to act as if shes kissing a girl?? does she do that in her video??


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