1. Carli

    Its funny… she says she’s just grown up and its not a big of a deal… agree, but If she doesnt want controversy, then stop being vulgar…. there is a HUGE difference between being a grown up artist with more mature work and acting like a slut on stage! Where were her parents that couldnt teach her the difference?!!

  2. cc

    Miley…you never really rockout, ever.

  3. Craig

    Oh please! This is just rediculous! It is more than obvious that her lips are VERY far away from the other girl’s (unless Miley’s mouth is in the middle of her forhead).

    Miley is right, it’s just sensationalism for a story, and a fake one, I mght add. Essentially, to say she actually “kissed a girl” is called a lie. It is, and was, an obvious faux simulation that no one there believed actually happened. But you say it to your readers as though it actually did.

    I suppose that the rest of your stories and information are false as well.

  4. shadow. u cant even see anything. but why would someone wanna take a picture of another person’s areas?? makes no sense lol


  5. FapFapFap

    ok first off I’m only 17 so its ok that I whack it to her which I do at the very least once a month(monthly habits are hard to quit). Now if shes got a problem with it its very simple for her to stop this from happening just stop wearing slutty clothes that don’t cover areas that you would like to not be seen. Now to all of you ppl that are up in arms on this fact well all i have to say to you is get a life cuz theres no chance in hell of you getting extra points just cuz you report images of her that she knows full well, given her celebrity status, might end up getting photographed by a pedo paparazzi.

  6. Shirley

    oooo please all you people who judge leave her alone its her choice not anyone elses just because she is famous and supose to be a role modle everyone pays attention to her what the f****** people grow up by making choice’s wrong one right ones you make choices until you die its how whe learn involve to who we want to be one day she is growing up i’m sure she will realise where she was wrong but do remember there are thousand of girls out there flashing there tits and ect to the world young ones to maybe even your daughter it’s the new generation i dont agree with it if i caught my daughter id talk to her and tell her it wrong but like i said its choices we have to make mistakes.

    Miley ignore what is said you have to grow up you cant be a rolmodel for 12 year old until you 80 live your life have fun you no different from anyone else out there, people seem to forget they werent as inocent back in the days iether and if they were well then shame for them i wasnt and i turned out great have a son a great job and love suporting my family. so keep doing what you want just dont try to be something not.

    P.S. im sure her parents will or have had their say but we all were ther when we knew better than them so leave her alone she will realise with in time where she was wrong and have to accept the consequences.

  7. Shirley

    if any one has something to say to me please do email me…

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