1. She’s so ugly now that I didn’t even notice the side boob.

  2. SIN

    nice and perky.

  3. I remember when a side boob of this size would have done something for me. I was 13.

  4. karlito

    she’s got nice little titties and she knows it and she likes to show it. she made 43 million last year and she’s still insecure. i’m still waiting for the full frontal naked nipple shot. yee haw!!!!!!

  5. Cardiff Giant

    Oh look it’s Jackie Earle Haley’s stunt double.

  6. GrandDragon

    Those things are gonna look like fried eggs soon if she doesn’t start wearing a bra

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    Is this on the movie set of the Ellen DeGeneres story?

  8. Tragic1

    That awkward moment when you realize your chin is the same size and shape as your side boob.

  9. CK

    The gold chain makes her look less trashy.

  10. It’s only a matter of time before we see her naked.

  11. rd

    She looks like a boy!

  12. Josie

    shes got a bad profile and her new hair makes it look worse

  13. Grace

    That’s what happens when you skip high school and are not allowed to do the normal teenage rebellion thing – you do it later.
    I’m cutting the girl some slack.

  14. Mitch

    She used to be kind of cute but now she just looks like an angry Frisco dyke.

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