1. SaintMidian

    Is that her house? What a pigsty! Money does not buy class or dignity. Fugly chick for sure.

  2. your mom

    Look how punk I am now! I’m so punk! Disney can suck it!!

  3. LOSTgroupie

    I can’t believe I am finding myself defending her since I can’t stand her ass (especially with this Draco Malfroy haircut) … but her house is not a pigsty. She has more than one dog. We all know this; she instagrams the shit of out them.) You can see the dog toys on the bottom of the photo and that’s just cotton all over the floor from the dogs messing with the toys. My house looks the same after my pup gets a hold of a toy.

    • Meh

      Oh, okay. And did her dogs drag all their shit out onto the dining table, too?

      • LOSTgroupie

        Oh okay I’m sure your house is spotless as hell too isn’t it?

      • Salticker

        Mine is you lazy fuck. Takes minutes a day to keep tidy, get off your fat ass and try it sometime. I swear american’s fat lazy fucks.
        That being said, I love the new look she is sporting, not every day you see someone exploit themselves, wonder if she pimp smacks herself for bath salts?

    • doni

      Well when one is taking pictures of oneself to post on the internet knowing that millions of people are going to see them, then one might want to take a minute and make sure there isn’t shit laying all over the place. Especially when one has more money than god and can hire a damn maid.

  4. Who even cares

    Maybe she’s just the only Hollywood person who doesn’t feel the need to pay someone to clean her house?

  5. The Electrician

    I have three dogs, two cats and a baby, and I work full time, and my house looks way cleaner than that. Instead of taking endless photos yourself, take 15 minutes and fucking vacuum already.

  6. cp3

    This is worse than when chicks take selfies in the bathroom mirror with tp and tampon wrappers all over the place. We get it Miley. You are an effin slob.

  7. TXZen

    Who cares about the cotton on the floor! I want to know why anyone would make short shorts out of mom jeans. I also want to know how to keep the short shorts thing going but remove the mom jean element.

  8. whaddup

    why is that house so damn dirty???

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