1. Josh

    “20 bucks for a blowjob! Anyone? 20 bucks for a blowjob!”

  2. cuddles

    So this is what Gwen Stefani would look like if she had no style or her killer body?

  3. Samantha

    It’s like she’s trying so hard to maintain some control in her drug addled life by changing her appearance. It’s the only thing she can control. The death spiral has begun.

  4. cp3

    Nice nose ring, crayola lips, and butch haircut…says no straight man EVER.

  5. Evangelista

    Drew Barrymore circa 1994!

  6. JosieBelle

    There will be a Courtney Love tweet rambling about Miley trying to crawl inside her brain in 5….4….3…..

  7. *shrugs* I think she looks cute here, but that’s just me.

  8. A.S.L.

    I defiantly think she is trying too hard….. to be like every other celeb. If she really wants to be different, why cant she just try being herself and not worry about what others think. Take Adelle for example, she has chosen not change her weight because she is happy with the way she looks and finds herself attractive. She is not conforming to what the celebrity world tells her looks good or to rebel. Everyone is rebelling so to truly rebel now is to be your self because no one is doing it. Miley, leave the shaved heads to Britany Spears. There are still little girls who look up to you. Don’t give into celeb. temptation.

  9. eidnam

    Look ya’ll I’ve dun gone lesbian!

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