1. catapostrophe

    I know you’re supposed to say all kids are cute; but they’re not.

  2. EricLr

    What a handsome young man.

  3. Salticker

    I would fuck them both… oh ya and sing Don’t break my heart my ache breaky heart while doing it.

  4. lily

    she looks like aaron carter

  5. Kaellyn

    If Draco Malfoy suddenly became a zoophiliac and had wild birth-defect-promoting sex with a bloated chipmunk with a nose ring, this would appear.

  6. cp3

    Wow Miley. You’re so hard core. Show us your scars from cutting. On Instagram.

  7. Jason

    Kinda like it myself. I realize it’s fun to hate on her, but this isn’t a bad look for her.

  8. anas

    i don t like her nose – its not a celebrity face really, not refine enough.. the haircut just emphasizes this feature

  9. TXZen

    Do the curtains match the… nevermind, I know the answer, but show me anyway.

  10. Her arrogance is palpable.

  11. bdljwndñksa

    she looks like the rugrat’s angelica’s doll cynthia,

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