1. lori

    All I can think of here is Flock of Seagulls, but without the cool and the talent. And I just have to say that that is just a really bad haircut. Where did she go? Great Clips?

  2. WHY?

    She isn’t pretty anymore SMH she lost me as a fan. It’s very odd why someone would change everything that people fell in love with that made her famous. Where is that country girl :( Even if she changed back now I lost respect and I’m not a fan anymore. I mean we all grow up but Dakota fanning hasn’t changed much she is still Dakota, she looks like herself, and acts like herself. I have so many other examples of young actresses that grew up in front of our eyes that are still the same person. But to change everything about youself s plain odd.

  3. YEs

    The guy will dump her in 2 weeks. WHY? is right. Not good looking anymore. You can only have short hair and also be a girl if youre also tiny. Shes a gangly lesbian c u nest tuesday bumper.

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