1. Buddy The Elf

    There are 5-10 great Hillbilly captions in this photo alone.

  2. Video Bastard

    I just blew a possum. Daddy always said they were filling if you got hungry.

  3. catapostrophe

    “Um–’scuse me? I look lahk a buck-toothed whut now?”

  4. “Some folk’ll never eat a skunk, but then again, some folk’ll…”

  5. ilivedinpompeii

    Seriously she doesn’t know what all to do with herself, is she too stupid for college?

  6. I want this to be every Miley picture forever and ever. First there was Sad Keanu, now there’s Slack-Jawed Miley! Or something more clever. It’s late.

  7. Fugly…Hill Billy…Mouthbreather…

  8. Two words: Simple Jack

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