1. JC

    “Anarchy and stuff, y’all!”

  2. Guesty

    She’s too young to look like Sharon Stone. *sigh*

  3. lost

    she’s clearly not on drugs, she’s just trying to get all the ‘possum lurve juice out of her hair

  4. cuddles

    A few more tattoos and she’ll fit right in with the other meth cookers in her trailer park. BFF you guys!

  5. jesse

    No intervention needed. She’s just an attention whore trying to be something she isn’t.

  6. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Yeah, I’d fuck that angry lesbian

  7. PeopleSuck

    There’s Something About Miley….

  8. CK

    She has to hit rock bottom before she’ll get better. Care for some rum ‘n butt-sex, Miley?

  9. Leah

    She is so stupid. That is all.

  10. Drat! Foiled again by that dastardly Harry potter! I would’ve. Gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those pesky kids, and that dog!

  11. carla

    looks terrible…

  12. Shelby

    What a stupid shit.

  13. Jones

    R her teeth that messed up?

  14. Bilvis

    Simple Miley: Ma ma ma hair is yeller na

  15. She was supposedly brought up in a God-fearing, Christian home where honor and worship of the Creator Jesus Christ was foremost. Now, immersed in the pop culture life style and sporting a new tatt with every click of the paparazzi’s Nikkon it seems, she has been removed from any closeness she once may have had with God and has made the world her idol. Hey Miley, why don’t you take that cross from around your neck and put it away until you decide to dedicate your life to Him? Wearing a cross now a days is akin to wearing black pearl earrings; just a fashion statement.

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