1. optic

    I’d titty fuck her friend

  2. Jimmy Crotche

    I’d bang Miley, the big boob assistant, and Miley’s mom also. Hell, all three at the same time!

  3. Annie

    FUCK sich good hair eyebrows and tits all around

  4. New rule: Everyone’s assistants should wear see-through black stretchy shirts. Male or female, just for equality’s sake.

  5. InDemand

    All the dental work in the world just can’t save that retarded messed up mouth of Miley’s.

    At least she’s got the vacant stare to go with duh mouth.

  6. Billy R.

    She looks like a retarded chipmunk…

  7. greg

    I would step on Miley’s face on my way to those titties.

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