1. Urbanspaceman

    Yeah, whatever. What I want to know is who comes up with this shit for Miley? Does she come up with it herself? Someone “creative” on her payroll? Just wondering.

  2. Um….is that Katie Perry under the shaft?


  4. KISSmeMiley

    When you have no talent showmanship is all you have left.

    When KISS took off their makeup, their career went into a tailspin.

  5. anonymous

    This picture explains where she got the idea for the shape of her stupid haircut.

  6. Whitney

    You can always count on Destiny Hope Cyrus to come up with something classy & sophisticated. Way to go Miley, Col. Sanders must be turing over in his grave.

  7. Probably doesn’t have the first clue about how to give a good blow job. meh.

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