1. Ms Swan

    If you look closely enough into her crotch, you can see Billy Ray dying a slow, agonizing death.

  2. schmidtler

    That’s only the second biggest thing she’s had in her mouth today.

  3. maoix

    What? No Skittles?

  4. I wonder if five years from now this point in time will be referred to as “…back when Miley Cyrus had her nervous breakdown…”

  5. cc

    Somehow I imagine Arizona ice tea may not be too thrilled about this particular brand of free advertising. Unless it’s a prelude to their launch of an iced-tea flavored dildo line.

  6. BB

    The funny thing is that the first thing you see on the cane is “Zona” (from the ending of Arizona) and in hebrew zona means whore….quite true….

  7. Margaret

    I would only eat that for a few weeks and then take a break and then eat some more.

  8. Couldn't Be Sleazier

    Is that a wet spot on the front of her crotch in #9 ??

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