1. me

    would lick brown eye.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Holy fuck, these pictures are a motherfucking GOLD MINE!

  3. “Mirror mirror on the wall, I got no ass…That is all.”

  4. Looks painful. And gross.

  5. Doing the no ass dance

  6. I love her sexy little body.

  7. FlannlMannel

    She wore a thong and her ass escaped! No ass, not interested.

  8. Greenie65

    I’ve never seen a mirror actually look like its running away from its reflector. Until now, that is.

  9. FullyHetero

    You people are crazy; this is money

    • Dox

      No, this a sad little girl on a downward spiral heading towards a life of meth and stripper poles. The problem is, people are transfixed by tragedy.

      What can I say, prepubescent girls have never been my thing.

      • Case

        Err…yes, the daughter of a famous musician, who has been performing in the public eye basically since she could walk, is having a total meltdown. I’m sure none of this is part of a metliculously planned and executed PR strategy. It’s definitely a coincidence that she started doing topless photo-shoots and twerking right before her new album dropped. And that she’d coincidentally been filming her every hour of every day for a year for an MTV-ready documentary that also came out right before her album. I’m tired of seeing her flat ass and weird rabbit face pretending to make sexy myself, but the joke is on most of the public.

  10. Looks like it’s riding up a bit

  11. Esol Esek

    Whether she’s headed to oblivion is anyone’s guess. My guess is she prob isn’t. She’ll just fade away and grow up and write a book about being wild and being mature now. Occasionally, like on the Men show, I find her attractive, but her ass just isn’t meaty enough.
    She just doesnt have that much going on. Her face is decent, but again, very lesbian, just not exciting.

  12. Great ass would love to fuck it

  13. samwise

    I believe there is supposed to be an ass for the thong to slip in between, sadly this is just a flat plateau.

  14. travis

    She has no ass its nasty, why did i think the pics would be good

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